Diverse teams perform better

Diverse teams perform better. Why startups need different age groups and nationalities onboard

In EXPANDO, we believe innovation is sparked by diversity. Navigating a young tech company to higher levels of success as a co-founder can be tricky, as the two, three or four of you can only see a part of the picture. As a leader, you are nothing without your team giving you perspective. And the team, we believe, should be diverse and extended.

That is why we not only invite students from The Anglo-American University in Prague(AAU) to come work with us on a regular basis but also involve particular classes in our business development process to the much greater extent. In 2018, the students and we are working on a globalized strategy, spreading our services to new customers in new countries.

“AAU is very particular in choosing whom we invite among our students. EXPANDO is a very good reference, and that is why we not only allowed them to speak for our audience but made this joint project an integral part of a class syllabus,” professor Dan Ravick Fiala explains. Around thirty students from all around the world in his class are assumed to come up with data-driven proposals of EXPANDO’s global expansion. “After the initial lecture given by EXPANDO’s COO Jiří Černý, groups of students are submitting their work. In May, they are required to pitch it to a board of experts. The winner gets recognition from EXPANDO as well as funding. It will be very much like The Voice,” professor Fiala says, jokingly.

“Partnering up with AAU is a breath of fresh air,” Jiří adds, “whoever the winner is, both us and the students are already benefiting tremendously. AAU students are so bright and professional; I would not be surprised if some of them already were entrepreneurs based on the proposals we are getting from them.”

EXPANDO, a Prague-based company, helping brands and webshops succeed on a global scale, particularly through Amazon marketplace, does not involve the promising youth only. As co-founders are in their early thirties, they very much appreciate having experienced heads of departments such as sales and IT where 40+ professionals ensure the balance of integrity and innovation. In total, EXPANDO today has over 20 team members ranging from experts and enthusiasts in tech, sales, engineering, marketing, customer support and consulting, currently looking to fill up positions of a German Speaking Customer Care and #C .NET Programmers. Help us be more diverse in thinking, strategizing and doing. Help us be more successful.

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